Burlesque Pussy

‘Jon Lemon’s lifetime experiences as an artist has morphed into edgy poetry to make you laugh and, at the same time, question life’s anomalies’.
Ken Done / artist


I’m Jon Lemon (my ‘nom de poem’, which began when I started writing pithy poems in 2008). Hence the name ‘pithy’ means edgy, witty, tongue in cheek. Pith is the stuff inside the skin of a lemon.

My real name is Jon Hawley, Sydney born artist and graphic designer all my life and at 85, still busy working! (Jon Hawley:/ Google / Linkedin / Facebook)

They call me ‘Sydney’s oldest teenager’ as I never have a dull moment. Been a vego for over 60 years with no aches or pains, rarely sick and spend most of my time with young creative friends.

But I love everybody!

I’ve been reciting pithy poems every week on Eastside Radio FM 89.7 for the last 3 years. This means writing a poem each week from which several books have been published (see BOOKS).

My latest book ‘Pithy Pussycat’ presents 35 short, naughty but nice poems with cute cartoons of cats,about the feline in the female. Women love it.

Also, ‘Pithy Love’, ‘Pithy Wit’, ‘Pithy Planet’ and ‘Pithy-osophy’ are ready to download…. with more books to come. Ant they are seriously funny…

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Pithy Pussycat book cover

‘Pithy Pussy’ is a charming, naughty but nice little book with 35 hilarious pithy poems and brilliant cartoon illustrations, a tongue’n’cheek dig at the feline in the female - the cute, the smart, the seductive and the exasperating!
pithy pussy can send bitter
twisted words meow'd on twitter
the other twits
all say it's
just a load o'kitty litter

when pithy pussy comes around
n'makes a kind of purrin' sound
the more u pet her
the lovin's better
n'she'll come again i've found

pithy pussy loves a cocktail
her reputation's up for sale
with much 'tlose
as she pursues
her hunger fort he holy grail

DOWNLOAD ONLINE Jon Lemon’s pithy poems of wit n’wisdom tickle the laugh buds and set you thinking. Great little line illustrations accompany the 30 or so poems in each book.